Spiritualist Blessing Services

Spiritualists' National Union Minsters and Officiants are trained to a very high standard; therefore they are very capable of assisting in the planning and officiating at your service

Are you considering having a civil marriage ceremony followed by a blessing?

Have you been married for several years?

Do you have a special wedding anniversary coming up or just feel it is time to renew your vows?

Would you like new rings blessed within a service to renew your promises?

Do you want to celebrate all the past years together and the years to come?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then a Wedding Blessing ceremony will fulfil these wishes.


Blessing Following A Civil Ceremony

There are many reasons why a couple have a civil wedding ceremony but may also like to have a spiritual blessing on their marriage. If this is your situation, you can have a civil ceremony in a registry office or other authorised venue closely followed by a Wedding Blessing in a church, hotel or another place of your choosing.

Having had a civil ceremony with legally binding vows, you can then have a wedding blessing ceremony of a more loving and spiritual nature.

You can both design a ceremony that suits you. You can include vows of your own choice which really express your true feelings as you begin a new journey together. You can make it as serious or as light-hearted as you wish but still incorporate the essence of how you feel abuot each other.


Married For A Length Of Time

A wedding blessing can offer you an opportunity to re-affirm how you feel about each other. It could be a ceremony to celebrate the life you have lived together, to embrace the security of your marriage or an opportunity to rejoice in the love and contentment that your marriage has brought to you.

Every marriage or partnership has good times and not-so-good times. The former brings joy and laughter;. the latter helps to make the marriage stronger. Togetherness is strengthened by surviving those times.

A blessing of your marriage can bring you closer together than ever before. It is an opportunity to exhibit your love for each other to all those people who have played a part in your life. It can also be a private ceremony for both of you to reinforce your love for one another.

Having a blessing ceremony can rejuvenate your love for each other and show your dedication to the one you love, the strength in your marriage and that together a partnership can survive all that life brings. It can incorporate a blessing of new rings or to acknowledge a special anniversary.

In the beginning you celebrated your wedding; years later you can celebrate the success of your marriage.



The blessing ceremony is to celebrate a new wedding or a long-standing marriage; there is a suggested ceremony available as a foundation on which to build your personal event. You make your own choice of renewal vows, music, songs and readings with guidance from a Ministeror Officiant who will help to ensure the ceremony is just as you wish it to be. You can celebrate with just a few people or with many, in a church or other venue, such as your own home, or in hospital, at a time that suits you.

Whatever you choose, the ceremony is especially for you. A unique memory, to last a lifetime.


Further Information
If you wish to contact one of our Ministers or Officiants, they would be prepared to see you with no commitment on either side so that you can discuss your wishes.

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