Spiritualist Naming Services

Naming Services for children and adults are special occasions and are very meaningful to the person being named, as well as their family and friends.

The Naming Service is often conducted in a Church but can take place at other appropriate locations such as in hospitals or at home.

Flowers are used in a Spiritualist Naming Service to indicate the pure and natural aspects of our existence. We recognise that that which we call God created everyone and everything with love, enabling us to learn and grow spiritually.

When born into this world, a baby is pure and innocent, not born into inherent sin. There is no need to use water or other symbols as an indication of the cleansing of the soul.

For both a child and an adult, a Naming Service is a celebration and acknowledgement of being part of the greater family of humankind, of the love engendered in the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

In a Spiritualist Naming Service it is usual to give a spiritual name provided by those in the world of spirit, which will encourage and inspire the person when the need arises.

All present at the ceremony are asked to be spiritual sponsors for the one being named. However, the parents of a child or the adult to be named, may invite responsible persons (usually two) who are willing to offer assistance with the spiritual aspects of life to the individual and their family, should the need arise.

The Naming Service is usually conducted by a Minister of Officiant of the Spiritualists' National Union who will discuss the service content with the parents of the child or with the adult to be named. The service can be varied, and may contain songs, hymns, music, a reading, etc. The Minister of Officiant will be able to provide guidance on this.

All those attending are invited to bring a floral token for the one being named.

The Naming of a child

The Naming of a child is a celebration of a new person born into a family who will love, cherish and care for that child, guiding him/her through their formative years and beyond. The Naming Service presents an opportunity for the parents to indicate their love and willingness to offer spiritual guidance to their child. The presence of sponsors is an indication of their support to the family.

The parents of the child will have considered the import of the philosophy and teachings of Spiritualism which are based within the Seven Principles. Having decided that this philosophy is an appropriate way of life, the parents and their child will grow and develop spiritually as well as gain knowledge and understanding, and become good citizens.

The Naming of an Adult

The Naming of an adult is a special service for the person because he or she has considered and gained an understanding of the philosophy of Spiritualism as based on the Seven Principles. They have thus decided to dedicate themselves to a way of life that reflects such philosophy. There will also be a realisation that as more experience and understanding are gained throughout their life, their view of the philosophy of Spiritualism will develop further. Spiritual growth is about fellowship, love, caring, and recognition of the Universal Family of Humankind and the natural environment in which we live.

The sponsors make a personal commitment to offer spiritual support to the person being named and their family, should the need arise.

Some thoughts shared...

Each person is unique; no two of us are the same because of the many influences within our family and the world around us. The experiences and knowledge that we accrue and the subsequent understanding that we gain throughout our lifetime will aid our personal development and perhaps influence the considerations made by other people.

There is a need for people to grow together in love and harmony to ensure that the world in which we live becomes a better place and that the people in the world become better people.

We can all be influenced by a Naming Service. It encourages us to consider the implications of our words, thoughts and deeds, and our relationships with other people and our environment. Remember, we are all children of God.

"Children are the repository of infinite possibilities" ~
Andrew Jackson Davis 1826 - 1910.

You can find out more about the Naming Service by speaking to your local Minister, Officiant or Church. Why not pick up a leaflet for full details about Naming Services the Spiritualist Way.

Leaflets on ethical matters and services are available
in most Churches/Centres.

Or obtain them directly from the SNU by calling: +44 0127 981 6363

Click here to find a Minister in your area +

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