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AGM 2019

Sunday 14 April 2019, 08:00pm

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The York Spiritualist Centre 2019 Annual General Meeting has been scheduled for Sunday 14th April 20198.00pm at York Spiritualist Centre, 7-9 Wilton Rise, (off Holgate Road), York  YO24 4BT.

Nomination forms will be distributed no later than Sunday, 10th March 2019.

Nominations are invited for the positions detailed below, which will be the subject of elections,.

  • President
  • Vice President 1
  • Vice President 2
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Members

Final Voting Process:

Once the nomination forms have been issued to members:

For your vote to be considered, please place your voting documentation in the sealed nomination box at:

York Spiritualist Centre, 7-9 Wilton Rise, (off Holgate Road), York  YO24 4BT.

The nominations deadline for candidates is Sunday 31st March 2019 before the centre closes; (our Divine Service takes place at 6.30pm).


In 2018, the following persons were elected for the respective positions:

Role Name (*)
President Maureen
Vice-President 1 John
Vice-President 2 Fran
Treasurer Louise 
Secretary Mags 
Healing Leader John

Steve, Manda, Sue, Chrissy, Joe, Margaret

* Full names should be displayed on our main notice board at YSC in due course.



Confirmed: Meeting AGENDA (Sunday 14th April 2019 at 8:00pm):

  1. Chairperson’s Welcome
  2. Opening prayer
  3. Silence for arisen friends (Firstly ask for those to be named from attendees)
  4. Apologies for absence
  5. Credential Report (No. of members and visitors in attendance)
  6. Appointment of Tellers and Scrutineers (If a vote is required in the meeting
  7. Adoption of the Minutes of the Previous Years AGM
  8. Matter Arising from Minutes
  9. Presidents Address
  10. Treasurers Report
  11. Secretary’s Report
  12. Healing Report
  13. Election of Officers and Committee
  14. Appointment of Accountants/independent examiners for next year
  15. Any Other Business
  16. Date of next years AGM.
  17. Vote of thanks
  18. Closing Prayer