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Angels, a meeting of souls

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The day that we met 
Was from angels above 
To laugh and to joke
To grow learn and love. 

From love trust and fun 
They gave us such gifts 
Filled with moon stars and sun. 

They put obstacles there 
To test out our love 
To knock us and teach us 
With lessons from above. 

They do this for a reason 
And sometimes we cant see 
That what they are doing 
Is setting us free. 

Free from the binds 
Of life daily chores 
To show us there more 
To life than we thought. 

To embrace what they bring 
To see there main goal 
Can leave us empowered 
To see our lives become whole. 

So when they created 
This meeting of souls 
They knew what the plan was 
The y had their own goals. 

We can take it or leave it 
The choice is all ours 
But if we turn it away 
We reject all their powers. 

They will try once again 
To complete their main plan 
To bring us together 
As woman and man. 

And if we believe 
That their work is in love 
Then both of us will 
Be blessed from above.

Caz Dukes - Acorn Academy of Mediumship, Jul 2017

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