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Are You Really There?

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I wake up in the morning 
And I ask if you are there 
I close my eyes to the sunlight 
Just to feel your loving care. 

I wake up in the morning 
And I ask if you see me 
I wait to see if you reply 
And listen to what will be. 

I wake up in the morning 
And I tell you about my day 
I tell you what I'll be doing 
And ask for you to stay. 

I tell you that I'm lonely 
And that your touch is all I need 
I say I need to know your there 
To follow and to lead. 

I tell you of my fears and doubts 
That I face every single day 
I tell you that I need to know 
So I simply sit and pray. 

I pray to you to come to me 
To ease these pains and fears 
To let me know your really there 
And ask you to wipe my tears. 

I tell you that I don't feel good 
And my heart is in a mess 
And I ask if you are really there 
And that it isn't just a guess. 

I show you that I'm not that strong 
And even though I smile 
That all I need is you right here 
To walk with me every mile. 

I tell you that I need you here 
To hold me when I'm weak 
I tell you that I'm lost right now 
and your strength is all I seek. 

I know that you are real to me, 
And I know that you are there 
But life is sometimes really tough 
Unlike your company and care. 

For sometimes all our beliefs are crushed 
By events that come our way 
And I know that you are always there 
Every minute of every day. 

So when my fears and doubts are raised 
And I question are you there, 
Just hold me in your loving arms 
And keep me in your care. 

So the question that I originally asked, 
And the doubts I had before 
Are now all gone from my mind and heart 
And I ask that question no more.

Caz Dukes - Acorn Academy of Mediumship, Jul 2017

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