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Before They Came

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See the land, so wild, so free,
Buffalo dance upon the land,
Man does not outnumber tree,
And nature's heart we understand.

We thank Mother Earth for all she gives
And try to repay her many yields.
We feel her heart, and know she lives
We see her face in lush green fields.

Gentle warriors dance and sing.
The peace pipe is passed around,
Thanking Spirit for the good they bring,
Vowing to protect their sacred ground.

Dancing warriors, hearts of pride,
You are one with Mother Earth.
Buffalo killed for meat and hide,
Your survival is their worth.

Man walks free upon the land,
His head held high with pride,
Walks with spirits hand in hand,
At one with Nature deep inside.

And then they came with hearts of greed,
Spilling blood and tears upon our sacred land.
With pain in our heart a treaty we agreed,
Man and Mother Earth no longer hand in hand.

The more we gave, the more they wanted.
With false promises and lies they cheated.
They stole our land, our beliefs they taunted,
Until our proud souls gave in defeated.

See how the greed for material gain,
Can turn a loving world to this,
A world now ravaged by war and pain,
And left bereft of Nature's kiss.

See the land, so wild, so free,
The buffalo dance upon the land.
Buffalo does not outnumber tree,
And nature's heart we understand.


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