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Dreams Dreamer

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I'm floating on a fluffy cloud,
Basking in the sun,
Dreaming of a better world
Where only good is done.

Where people love their fellow man
No matter what his race,
A world with only room for peace,
Where love is common place.

Where tribal people are left untouched
To live the life they choose.
A world where happy songs are sung,
And no-one feels the blues.

Where man with Mother Nature strolls,
United hand in hand.
And summers smell of sweet perfume,
As Mother Nature planned.

Birds in chorus sing sweet songs
From trees of lushest green
And shining vistas fill our eyes
With mysteries now unseen.

Where babies sleep in angels' wings,
As mothers gaze in wonder.
And nature's sounds fill purest air,
Inducing the spell we're under.

But alas its just a dreamer's dream
Lost within a smoke-filled haze,
Where evil deeds produced by greed
Still cloud our hapy days.

Come join me in these heavenly dreams
And help to make them true.
Then we can build a happier world
For nature, me and you.

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