Friday, 12 August 2016 02:43

Great Spirit Be My Guide

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Oh Great Spirit guide my hand,
Teach my heart to understand.
Shine your light into my soul,
Illuminate me to my spiritual role.

I am open, I am waiting,
Filled with trust, no hesitating,
Fuelled by love my soul ascends,
Ready to greet our spirit friends

Ready to give their words of wisdom,
Open arms with loving welcome
I give myself, your wonders to perform,
An always with a heart that is warm.

I am humble, open, ready to be filled
A message given, a heart is stilled.
When I see the light in once saddened eyes,
I know they are filled with spiritual surprise.

Wherever you lead me is where I will go,
The more that I follow, the more I will grow, The more that I grow, the more I will know,
The more that I know, the more I can show.

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