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Our Angels

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Sometimes life can feel so cruel 
And you feel all very alone 
You feel so sad and lonely
You just want to go back home.

Your mind plays those games 
And dark clouds appear 
Its times just like this 
That our Angels draw near 

Your fear and your pain 
Can be too much to bear 
But they listen and wait 
Til your ready to share. 

You cry al alone 
And the tears stain your cheeks 
Your eyes are all red 
And a day feels like weeks, 

The pain thats inside 
Just eats you away 
And you begin to wonder 
How to make it through the day. 

But its not til you fall 
And you cant event stand 
That your angels draw closer 
With their kind loving hand. 

They hold you so close 
And they kiss away your tears 
They stand right beside you 
And listen to your fears. 

For our Angels know more 
Thank we ever could 
And they show you their strength 
Like large bits of wood. 

Their love is amazing 
Their care is unique 
And they will support you 
Til you feel complete. 

So don't bottle it up 
Don't hide what you feel 
Just ask for your angels 
Cause they really are real. 

They are precious and kind 
And their love is so deep 
And its there for the taking 
To hold and to keep.

Caz Dukes - Acorn Academy of Mediumship, Jul 2017

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